Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips and Tricks

Travelling during the holidays can be challenging and frustrating. Among the things you have to put up with are long queues, frequent delays and long drives to the airport. However, by planning well, you can enjoy your holiday travel. Read on to find out our Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips and Tricks.

Try and Avoid Delays When Going Through Security Checks

Nowadays, you should expect to find extreme security checks in place, meaning getting through quickly is almost impossible. However, by preparing ahead, for example, by getting electronic gadgets out and being ready to load them on the x-ray tray, you can reduce the time spent on security checks.

Create Customized Luggage Tags

Designing your custom luggage tags enables you to easily identify your luggage. This could be among your cheap last minute gifts. It minimizes chances of someone confusing your luggage with theirs.

Adding some color to your luggage or tying a ribbon on your luggage’s handle is no longer a unique way. However, by using custom luggage tags, you will ensure your luggage doesn’t look similar to others.

Carry Some Medicine

You should consider carrying some medicine to use in the case you develop issues such as a running nose. However, you should make sure you consult with your doctor before buying any specific medicine.

Be Careful When Using Free Wi-Fi Networks

Be careful when it comes to using free Wi-Fi networks. The best way is to know the network you’re signing on before you start to put any private information or passwords.

If You’re Traveling with Kids, Split Duties

In the event you’re traveling with your kids, you should consider splitting up tasks. For example, one of you can manage the kids and the other one your luggage.

Consider Getting a First Class Upgrade

Sometimes you may want to travel comfortably. For example, you’ll encounter long lines, have to arrive earlier and undergo security checks, meaning you may be tired by the time you start your flight. Getting a first class upgrade can enable you to relax while on the journey.

Ship Your Luggage and Food

Shipping your bags and food can be especially helpful if you’re carrying any liquids and food. It will make your journey easier by giving you peace of mind that they will be well handled.

Have Someone Drive You

During holiday seasons, many people travel, meaning there may be congestion on the roads. Having somebody drive you can enable you to keep your schedule and less nervous about getting to the airport on time.

Use Your Smartphone Wisely

You can use your Smartphone to know about any changes in the airport schedules. Remember there are frequent changes during the holiday season.

Plan Your Schedule and Get To the Airport on Time

The only way to get to the airport on time is to leave home early. That means you should plan to ensure you arrive on time for your flight.


The above Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips and Tricks should enable you to enjoy your holiday. The key thing to remember is that many people will be traveling around this time, meaning you should plan yourself and avoid delays.